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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Immediate garage door cable replacement

My garage door cable snapped. That's a clear cut problem and a clear cut job but not for me. I decided long ago that I'll never meddle with any overhead door problems. I leave such tasks to the professionals of this garage door company. They're trained for such services and I'm really pleased with their work. This time, it was actually an emergency issue. It was late but the cable had to be replaced immediately if I wanted to get to work the following day. Thankfully, this is an emergency garage door company. The tech came right away and the service was exceptional!

Great assistance for roll-up selection

I love roll up garage doors and when I got my own house, I decided to replace the existing garage door with a roll-up. I found your company randomly and so I couldn't be sure of the quality of your services. Of course, if someone asks me today, I won't trade your services with any other company. Your staff helped make a great choice and this was the beginning of a long-term and excellent relationship between your garage door contractor and my family. I loved your services from the minute the teams came over for installation till today with your annual maintenance.

Immediate spring safety cable installation

One day I called Marietta Garage Door Repair to ask about safety cables. I read about them in the web and wanted the opinion of an expert. I spoke with one of the company's technicians and he told me the benefits of having safety cables installed. I loved two things: first, he took the time to give me details about the safety cables and answered all my questions. Second, he came to install safety cables at my overhead door later that same day. It was an amazing service any way you look at it.

Replaced our garage door seals fast

“We were having a problem with our garage door not closing right and there were really wide gaps on the sides and the bottom where small rodents were getting in. I called this company and their service tech came out to take a look. He made some adjustments and replaced the bottom seals. In less than an hour the door looked like brand new! He did the work perfectly and the price was very reasonable. Thankfully, thanks to him, my garage is nicely sealed up again. I'd be happy to recommend the company for anyone needing garage door repairs!"

Didn't overcharge and did a splendid job!

"I have had these guys out before when I had a problem with my garage door so when a couple of parts came out and the door stopped working, I called them again. Their work, again, was top notch and reasonably priced, and they fixed what was needed quickly and very professionally. I have found this company honest and trustworthy and a real joy to work with. They don't overcharge and always without question do splendid and professional work. Thanks again for great service!"

Christine Jenkins


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