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Our company's team has the proper skills, competence, and commitment to provide residential garage door services. Whenever you need a routine inspection, maintenance, or replacement, trust our professionals. Our company orders new repair parts, installs and services openers, and performs emergency repairs.

Your local garage door professionals can service all major brands of garage door openers in Marietta

Garage Door OpenersCommon brands include Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears, and Marantec. Marietta garage door openers are categorized according to the type of lift system that is used to raise and lower the garage door. The three most common type of lift systems are chain drive garage door openers, belt drive garage door openers, and screw drive garage door openers. Chain and belt drive models work the same way; a motor moves the chains or belts to lift the door.

Marietta garage door openers with chain drive systems are very sturdy and strong. In fact, they are often used for very heavy doors and industrial applications. Chain drive systems are the traditional openers, but the noisy movement of the chains was irritating to home owners, so rubber belts were inserted to replace the chains. This dampened the sound enormously. Belt drive garage door openers in Marietta are used often, but especially when there is living space located above the garage. Screw drive systems use a threaded steel rod to lift and lower the garage doors instead of either belts or chains.  T

Marietta garage door openers with a screw drive lift mechanism have noise levels that land in between those of chain and belt drive systems. The screw drive model's main attraction is its lack of moving parts (much fewer than the other two systems) and low maintenance tendencies. No matter what garage door openers in Marietta are having issues, local Marietta garage door professionals can quickly assess and solve the issues, safely and with high quality workmanship. These professionals can get you out of your garage and enjoying your local Marietta community.

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