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Is the security of your home important to you? Of course it is. That's why you need to make sure your garage door is in great working condition. Have a look at our recent projects to learn how our experts can help.

Track Replacement Near Kennesaw Area

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Warren comes and goes from her home frequently, but noticed her garage door seemed to be dragging more and more.
Our Solution: After examining Mrs. Warren’s garage door system thoroughly, we found that the problem stemmed from a damaged track. This had likely occurred from consistent daily use. We disconnected the door from the system to bring it down off of the tracks, before removing the broken one. Once our team installed the new track, we reinstalled the door and tested its movement.

Lula Warren - Kennesaw
Spring Replacement | Smyrna GA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer noticed that his garage door seemed to be acting strangely, such as falling shut rather than slowly lowering.
Our Solution: The system was thoroughly inspected by our experts, who found that the customer’s extension spring had broken. Once the pieces were removed, a new extension spring was carefully installed into place and the tension was adjusted accordingly.

Charlie Gibson - Smyrna
Panel Replacement | Powers Park GA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Two of the customer’s overhead door panels and were damaged in an incident of some sort. Obviously, he needed to have them replaced.
Our Solution: The specific garage door parts needed to be ordered from Sears, but the installation didn’t slightly longer to schedule than expected. Once the new door panels arrived, our team lost no time in fitting them onto the door after removing the damaged sections. Subsequent testing proved successful.

Mervin Peerenboom - Powers Park
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Marietta GA

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Door not opening.
Our Solution: We determined that the main gear drive should be replaced. We unplugged the opener and safely removed the cover, chain and motor assembly then replaced the faulty part with a new helical gear set appropriate for the opener’s make and mode.

Francisco Spears - Marietta
Opener Remote Control Failed | Garage Door Repair Marietta

Opener Remote Control Failed

Customer Issue: Remote control not working.
Our Solution: After confirming that it was not a problem with the battery or the opener itself, we determined that the remote had lost the communication with the opener. Upon inspecting its interior we discovered some frayed electrical wiring, so we suggested either repairing the damage or replacing the remote entirely. Since it was an old unit, the customer opted for replacement, and we reprogrammed his new remote with his opener and made sure it had no problem controlling the garage door.

Curtis Martinez - Fair Oaks
Garage Door Troubleshooting, Garage Door Repair Marietta

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Door stuck midway.
Our Solution: We began examining the situation as soon as we arrived, and first made sure the torsion spring was fine and that the opener wasn't the cause of the problem. Finally, we noticed that one of the cables got off its drum. We proceeded to secure the door in place, and then disconnected the cable, looped it back round the drum and then reattached it to the door.

Campbell Stanton - Marietta
The Best Technicians

The Best Technicians

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Fast Response

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Safety First

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